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    Entenda a quarta prova do líder de resistência do BBB 24

    The dispute for the 12th leadership of the season challenges the resistance of the participants

    The Resistance Leader Test at BBB 24 started on Thursday night (07). During the live program, Tadeu Schmidt speaks to those confined and the rules of the test are presented to the brothers and sisters.

    In this week’s Leader’s Test, no vetoes were allowed, ensuring that all 13 contestants were part of the exciting showdown.

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    See the rules of the BBB 24 Resistance Leader Test!

    During the live program, the dummies demonstrated the rules of the Leader Test. “Attached to the carousel are seven giant hot dogs. The player must remain at the base of the hot dog while the carousel rotates. During the test, the player will face some difficulties such as heat, gusts of wind and smoke”, says the voice.

    “But be careful: the player who falls off the base or sits on it will be eliminated. Whoever lasts the longest on the carousel wins the race and takes the lead”, ends the explanation.

    What are the consequences for those eliminated from the Leader Test?

    The first four competitors to leave the race will face four consequences: You will be in the hot seat; You will join the “Xepa” group; You will not participate in the Angel Trial, and you will not be entitled to immunity

    under no circumstances.

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    According to this week’s rules, the winner of the Endurance Test will nominate five individuals for possible elimination this Friday (7). The newly appointed leader will then select a nominee for elimination by next Sunday (10).

    After presenting the contest rules, Tadeu Schmidt explains live how the leadership will be defined if the race lasts until this Friday’s live program (8).

    “Tomorrow, during the live program, if there is still someone in the race, we will do a tiebreaker similar to a Bate e Volta Test”, says Tadeu Schmidt.


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